Love is a medicine for any kind of wound

"Love is a medicine for any kind of wound"

Dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time, I don't want to discuss or talk about the symptoms, you can google, learn or read about it. I just wanted to tell you that it's a body who is trying to stay alive; while your mind feels like it doesn't belong to this world. Nothing excites you anymore, you don't want to participate in life. You don't like people because, they don't get it.
They keep sucking your energy to the worst. You start isolating yourself from society. You are drowning in your own thoughts. There are some days you smile and laugh with few friends or family, but most of the time, you just want to sleep. You're dead, but you're alive. Sometimes, you try to be strong and distract your mind with other things such as reading, gaming, shopping or going for a walk, but it only helps for a while. I talk to everyone who wants to talk or flirt with me, but I have no emotions. I just smile and reply to be polite. And then he came. I met him online. He just wanted to be a friend. With him, I feel so different, He makes me feel alive and excited about everything again. The best part is, it all happened within 2 or 3 days of simple conversations, and I didn't even know his age, and how he looked like. I called him magic. He doesn't know why, He just smiled.

I've learned something about depression, it can be cured. Understanding is one thing, but it's secondary. First, you need to find the one; that someone who can spark your spirit. He doesn't have to work that hard if he has that kind connection to your soul. If you're lucky, they stay forever, some just stay for a while to teach you a lesson. Maybe this is what God tried showing me upon this meeting. That there is the way, there is always possibility...there's no dead end to anything in this world.