15 Skin Care Quotes

I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup. ~Demi Moore

Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skin care.

Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not. ~Dr. Howard Murad

Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life. ~Renée Rouleau.

Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne to aging, are the manifestations of your body's internal needs, including its nutritional needs. ~Dr. Georgiana Donadio

Invest in your skin. It is going to be with you for a long time.~ Linden Tyler

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty. ~Coco Chanel

I think women should start to embrace their age. What's the alternative to getting older? You die. I can't change the day I was born. But I can take care of my skin, my body, my mind, and try to live my life and be happy. ~Olivia Munn

Your skin is a reflection of how well your body is eliminating the toxins that build up on a daily basis. Chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis stem from a combination of genetic factors, immune stress, dietary deficiencies or sensitivities, and the accumulation of toxins in the body. For our skin to be radiant and clear, it is very important that the other organs of elimination (kidneys, liver, lungs, and colon) are cleansing the body effectively. If not, the skin will be overtaxed, pores will become clogged, and eruptions of one sort or another will result. ~Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D.

For me, taking care of your skin is the most important step. You can cover it with all the makeup you have, and it's still not as nice as beautiful skin. ~Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Glowing skin is a result of proper skincare. It means you can wear less makeup and let skin
shine through.

The best foundation you can wear is glowing, healthy skin.

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. ~Erno Laszlo

If somebody's got beautiful skin, it invites us to a deeper understanding as to what is going on inside their body.~David Wolfe

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. ~ Helena Rubinstein