True love can never be extinguished.

Sometimes we don't know how to handle the amazing gifts that walk into our life, we have not yet built the proper vessel to receive them. Sometimes we aren't able to overcome the challenges that are in our way, we have don't yet have the capabilities. Sometimes we have difficulty doing what we know is right, there are little gremlins telling us to do the wrong.

Sometimes we have to lose something to realize how important it is to us. Challenges are meant to be overcome. Nothing easy was every worth doing. When something breaks we cannot fix it to be the way it was before it was broken, because it was in an imperfect state. We have to build it stronger than it ever was.

True love between two people can never be broken. Love is the most powerful thing in the world, worth more than wealth, stronger than any natural force. The way of the Creator is that man should not be alone in this world. He searches and searches until he finds the woman who completes him, and when he does he will not let her go. He will overcome every challenge, internal and external, to be with her.

True love is waiting for someone, no matter how long it takes. The world does not exist in a perfect state. Each one of us must stand up and do what is right, what we know must be done, to make it a little more perfect. True love can never be extinguished.

Author : Daniel Brock

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