10 prayers for strength during difficult times.

Dear God: Please give me the strength to break free from things that are breaking me. Help me move on with my life.

Dear God: I need you more than ever. Please bring peace to my confusion, joy to my sadness, and hope to my heart.

Dear God, I need you today. I acknowledge I cannot do all. I depend on you to help me get where I need to go. Help me not to get discouraged. I know your ways are perfect. Bless me with more faith and hope. Amen.

Dear God, please help me today. Give me strength when I am weak, lend me a shoulder when I need to cry, and help me up when I fall. Amen.

Lord, I bring to You my burdens and You know my situation. You know I can't make it without You. Comfort my heart, give me strength, & help me carry on. Amen.

Dear Lord, Give me strength to move on and the joy to overcome my pain. Give me hope to see a rainbow in my wilderness and in my storm. Amen.

Dear God, today I give you all that I am. I invite you into the weak places in my life so that you can turn them into strength. Amen.

Dear God, please give me strength when I am weak, love when I feel forsaken, courage when I am afraid, wisdom when I am foolish, comfort when I am alone, hope when I feel rejected, and peace when I am in turmoil.

Dear God, help me to stop worrying about the future and the things I can not control… I always allow myself to become overwhelmed and I miss out on enjoying this amazing and wonderful life that I have been given… I miss out as I worry about what might be…. Help me to see more of You God and less of me, please show me the way and direct my steps. ~Karen Kostyla