The people you love never really leave you.

The people you love stay with you forever, but sadly it’s not always in the way that you wanted them to. Sometimes a person leaves your life, yet their laughter is still what you hear at the end of every joke, their face is who you see in every crowd and their voice is the one you hear when you’re at your very worst, quietly reassuring you that everything will be alright. It may seem like it’s all in your mind but somehow you feel like they are always there with you; through the good times and the bad, to congratulate or console you, to encourage you to make the decisions you think would make them proud and to give you the strength to make it through the days you can’t survive alone.
Because when two people love each other, they exchange pieces of themselves – and that is why when a person you love is gone you feel the absence of a part of your soul, yet at the same time you feel their presence everywhere. You may think it’s all in your mind but it’s not… that connection you feel is real. It may seem like you’ve been abandoned, you might feel like you’re all alone, but the truth is that one way or another… the people you love never really leave you.

Ranata Suzuki