Sometimes, people will just let you go.

Sometimes, people will just let you go. People will just let you go without telling you. People will just let you go without even noticing they've let you go. They stop thinking about you every day. They stop texting you "good morning" when they first wake up in the morning. They stop replying to you because they have nothing much to say to you. They stop looking forward to the next time they're gonna see you. They stop placing you at the center of their attention. They stop making enough time to spend with you. They stop caring as much as they used to until they eventually don't care for you anymore. Once you've realized they've let you go, you find yourself slowly letting them go as well and eventually, you stop waiting for them to reply to you. You stop allowing them to take up so much space in your life. You stop making an effort to be a part of their day. You stop expecting them to come back to you with an apology. You stop needing them to be happy. You stop worrying about whether or not they're okay. You stop loving them because you now have nothing left to love yourself with. You accept that you're no longer a part of their lives and they're no longer a part of yours, and you move on. Everybody will tell you that's how it goes, but nobody will tell you how much it hurts.