I am completely addicted to you..

It is human nature to always want more. If I’d had you for a minute – I would have wanted an hour. If I’d had you for a day – I would have wanted a week… So it’s only natural that I should have you for a year and want a lifetime. When it comes to you, enough is never enough. I am completely addicted to you in a way that defies description. Even after all this time, I still crave you, I still obsess over you. I feel your presence sometimes, even though you’re not there. You’re like a living ghost the way you haunt me. I know it makes no logical sense to love another human being this much – but I do. With you – nothing is ever enough – I will always want more. One more moment; One more day; One more kiss… always just a little more… when really, anything less than eternity will never be enough.

Ranata Suzuki