There’s a reason we feel lonely even though we’re not alone..

There’s a reason we feel lonely even though we’re not alone; It’s because loneliness is not about how many friends we have or how many people there are in the room with us… it’s a disconnection from other human beings. Being social doesn’t cure loneliness; many people socialize when they don’t really feel like it just to keep up appearances. In fact sometimes the most popular person in the crowd is the loneliest of them all because underneath the facade of their superficial projection is a person who is never truly seen or known by anybody. We all have layers of personas and we all pretend we’re okay when we’re not, but loneliness comes when there is not a single person close enough to see past those illusions to who we really are and what we’re really feeling inside.

There is no greater isolation than being trapped inside yourself without another living soul to reach for. And that is why it is possible to feel loneliness when surrounded by people we know and love… because sadly there are times when a person can stand right next to us but not be close enough to really see us. And sometimes there are moments when the loneliest place on earth is being surrounded by people we call friends and knowing not a single one of them knows who we really are.