She's complicated.

She's a girl. Sometimes, she makes a big deal out of little situations. Sometimes, she overreacts to the little things. Sometimes, she assumes the worst when things aren't well for her. Sometimes, she gets more emotional than she should be getting. Sometimes, she's more sensitive to certain things than she's supposed to be. Sometimes, she's gullible enough to believe everything she hears. Sometimes, she's too stubborn to think that she's the one who's wrong. Sometimes, she's too hormonal to think logically and with reason. Sometimes, she's nice enough to tolerate being treated like shit. Sometimes, she's heartless enough to not be considerate of anyone else's feelings. Sometimes, she forgives those who don't deserve it. Sometimes, she pushes people who are good to her away. Sometimes, she starts liking people who aren't good for her. Yeah, she's complicated. How she is at times doesn't make sense. But, she's a girl who's still trying up find herself, so be patient with her.